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Cleaned, plated, Strombergs-Holley 94s and Rochesters ready to fill your order.  We have more cores in stock than anyone.

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Quality work is all we do.We also do the holley 847 single barrels for you inline guys. We build special linkages to fit most carb applications.

We offer complete hot rod carb rebuild services on Stromberg 97-48-81 and on all models of holley 3-bolt carbs (mod 94).

We also build all models of the two barrel rochester 2gs. We set up multi-carb setups and supply linkage and fuel supply systems. I can offer you kits and most internal hard parts for the above carbs. We do offer zinc, nickel,cadmium, and chrome plating for carbs and linkages.  We also offer yellow,bronze or olive drab green cromate finishes on carb bodies.

Polished and chrome carbs available for your hot rod.I have carb cores to sell outright or I can do yours. All parts and carbs are guaranteed. I have allmost 40 years experence- ( my 1963 senior year car was a ’40 ford coupe with a 401″ Buick Nailhead with 6 Stromberg 97’s). I have built carb systems for many famous show cars including the original BEACH BOYS –‘LIL DEUCE COUPE. And my work has been featured in many magazines and books. Building multi-carb systems for hot rods is what we do best.

~ thanks, Charlie Price