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Stromberg 97’s–48’s–and–81’s
Vintage Speed has the largest selection of parts for the Stromberg “97’s–48’s–81’s”in the world.We offer rebuild kits and every hard part needed as well as repairs, coloring and plating. We make more new parts for this carb than anyone.

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History of the famous Stromberg Models
Of all the parts for hot rods in the ’40s- ’50s and ’60s– the Stromberg is King. Almost every Hotrod of this era had a pair, trips or up to six or eight with chrome scoops or bonnets. I will give you a brief history of the three models most popular for use on Hot Rods.

Stromberg model “48”
The model 48 had a 1-1/32″ venturi and named for the jet size .048″ I think. It was standard equipment on the late 1934 and all 1935 ford v-8 pass. cars and trucks. Most of these carbs are not marked 48 but some (not all) have the venturi size 1 1/32 stamped on the side of the bowl . This carb looks identical to the 97 and in fact uses the same base. The bases are marked ee-1. The top of the 48 will fit the 97 and many 97’s I find have 48 tops, and 48’s will have the 97 tops—although the choke linkage ball detent is not found on the 48 top. The 48 makes a great hot rod carb because of the increase cfm (aprox. 170) over the 155 cfm of the “97”. The actual flow bench checks show that in test the carb flow rates are not real consistant and a good flowing 97 will actually flow almost the same as some 48s. I think this is caused by the different casting molds used by Stomberg and sub contractors over the years not being consistant. Die casting was a new thing to the industry back then and they had a few problems. I like the 48 carb for most overhead valve setups and hot flathead dual intakes. They are gaining in popularity fast today as guys find out just how good they perform with that extra 1/16″ of venturi ( 31/32″ vs 1 1/32″). The good cores are getting harder to find due to the growing demand for the” 48″ carbs today.

Stromberg model “97”
The model “97” had a 31/32 ” or 97/100s” venturi and was standard equipment on the 1936, 1937 and a few early ’38 ford pass. cars and trucks with the v-8 flatrhead engine. This carb. was made for many years as a replacement unit after it became obsolete on ford cars and trucks. The Stromberg” 97″ is the most famous of all hot rod carbs. Some are marked with a large raised” 97″ inside a circle on the side of the bowl –some have a small raised”97″ –others have a small stamped 97 –and still others have no markings at all. Look for the 31/32″ venturi size marked on the side of the bowl on some, but not all “97s”. Stromberg 97 bases are usually marked EE-1 and are the same as the model 48. The good cores that havn’t been chromed–broken–polished–sanded—modified– stored outside—-froze—cut–ground on–and beat on with large hard objects —————are getting hard to find and costly with the popularity of nostalia hot rods today.

Stromberg model “81”
The model 81 had a small 13/16″or 81/100s” venturi and was standard equipment on the 1937 and 1938 fords with the small V-8–60 engine. This carb was very popular with the midget racers using the v-8 -60 in years past and even today. It was not produced in large amounts and good cores are rare today. This little carb. flowed about 125 cfm and make great hot rod carbs for small inch motors. Souped up Model A and B Ford and the little v-8 60 V-8 use these alot. The body section and the base are much smaller inside on the 81 but the outside dimensions looks the same. Most are marked with a large 81 on the side of the bowl, but all have the 13/16 venturi size stamped on the side of the bowl. The 81 uses a smaller base with tiny throttle plates marked EE-7/8.

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