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I built the fuel system for one of the worlds most famous cars. The little deuce coupe, the car on the cover of the Beach Boy album.



Small block Chevy full show chrome system

Small block Chevy full show chrome system
$2590. + core charge of $75. ea. or $225 for 3.
Part # FS-3×2-1 in our online catalog.

  • You can have your choice of a manual cable choke (most popular) or the electric choke (shown).
  • You can have your choice of the fuel block style lines (as shown) or our welded fuel lines.
  • You can have your choice of any of the air cleaners or scoops we sell with this system.

Marble Roch You can’t find a better carb system for less $ or anyone that will give you better workmanship.

Part # FS-3×2-2 in our online catalog.
     $ 1490.00 plus core charge of $75. ea. or $225 for all three if you have no carbs. for this basic tri power setup.  All setups include new OFFY manifold- Rochester 2gc carbs — Holey 94’s available for small cu. in. motors (same price)–  Carbs are done in our textured silver finish which looks like new zinc but  . (no painted bodies). Bases finished in satin black textured powder coat. Note–Setup comes with a manual choke–$78. extra for an electric choke.

Stainless Ball bearing progressive linkage, Stainless high welded polished fuel lines as shown on the setup pictured below, or block style lines as shown on pictured setup above.

Smooth or louvered air cleaner bonnets are standard but you can up grade to any air cleaner we sell at an extra charge (we credit you back for the bonnets).  Systems are tested and ready to run. I have setups for most 50’s-60’s V-8s Nailhead Buicks, Y block Fords, Pontiac, Olds, Chryslers, and Flathead Fords. Some set-ups are slightly higher due to intake cost or availability.

Order yours today with no deposit. All prices are plus core charge on carbs. Roch core charge is $75 ea.– Holley 94-2100- Ecg (3 bolt) core charge is $75 ea.—We have cores if you don’t. I also build systems with Stromberg 97’s- 48’s and 81’s. Vintage Speed has built over 4400 complete fuel setups in the last 22 years and thousands of carbs.

You can order from our online catalog under (FUEL SYSTEMS COMPLETE), or call us in Fla. eastern time 772 778 0809.

006 (640x480)Our new 3×2 to 4 barrel adapter setup in full chrome $1940.
This setup installs on any 4 barrel intake using the Holley or the Carter AFB pattern. It comes complete as shown. I also have this in a plain marble finish for about $990. depending on the options you want.


008  $1140.00 on all of our 3×2 adapter setups. Plus a carb core charge of $225. for the three carb cores. Above set is done in Baron Red.   Fuel gauge ($34.) and frogmouth scoops  008015This is our new Textured Copper vein finish —–On sale now for $1140.00  PLUS $225. core charge for the three carb cores..
018New satin black powder coated finish.  $1140.00  Plus $225 carb core charge.
001New CHEVY ORANGE powder coat finish on SB Chevy 3×2 complete setup. This setup is $1490 plus $225. if you don’t have cores.  This is also shown with the optional fuel gauge ($34.) and the frog mouth scoops ( $80.) extra.
025ROCHESTER carb setup with linkage in our textured SILVER SAND powder coated  finish. We also offer these on a intake or an adapter as a complete setup. This is our most popular finish that we offer.


This is our new SILVER METALIC TEXTURED FINISH we now offer on any of our carbs. I will be listing more carbs in this finish soon.

002WE now offer our Rochester carbs in Satin Black,- red -Gold- Copper powder coated finish with more colors coming. Our powder coating  system gives your carbs a great durable finish.

    This gauge is designed for vintage low pressure carbs with the numbers spaced for easy reading at the low pressure these carbs need. Strombergs and Holly 94’s both run at 2-1/2 PSI max pressure and 5 PSI max for the Rochester 2G carbs. NOTE–This is the only fuel pressure gauge made that is 0-10 PSI. Gauge is 1-1/2″ in diameter,stainless steel case with a 1/8″ npt (male) back inlet. This gauge is accurate to .02 % across the scale. We also sell a gauge tee to mount this in 5/16″ and 3/8″ hard fuel lines. Order yours now from our catalog under (FUEL LINES-BLOCKS) $34.00

    DSCN3014 (640x603)






Shown below is the truck 94 used to replace the 7RT or the 8RT in stock truck applications —-These carbs are brand new exact reproductions of the originals.
OUR PRICE——-$290. each

Shown below is our new VINTAGE SPEED primary 94 long shaft carb. Can be used in stock passenger car applications and also for duals in hot rods. We also have this carb in a secondary carb version for your end carbs on tri powers.  $290. each
These carbs are all assembled in our shop and tested.  “New just perform better”
Call us to order until we can get the models catalog listed.  Thanks

Hex headed mixture screw for your Holley 94-2100-ECG and all the 3 bolt Holley carbs. Use a 1/4″ twelve point wrench to adjust the idle on your Holley carbs. Replace those slotted scews that dont give you room to get a screw driver between multiple carb setups.   Order part # H-25 Hex  in the online catalog under (Holley 94 Parts) $5.75 ea. –Exact replacement for originals except the hex head. A quality screw machine part.

Coming soon Hex head mixture screws for the 97 Stromberg carbs. These screws make it a snap to adjust your idle.

 Look at our new Stromberg 97-48-81 Nitro-fil plastic float. Less weight–no dents-holds more pressure-no leaks.  Order from our catalog at the bottom of this page under Stromberg parts. In stock now  Part # S-9510-N –$16.95 ea.

New Stromberg 97-48-81 adjustable main jets

New adjustable main jets from Vintage Speed. Machined to high standards on Swiss screw machine. Part has a stainless steel needle and brass body and nut with viton o ring seal. Use with large jet size and by turning needle clockwise to lean and counter clockwise to richen up the mixture. Includes teflon sealing washer and extra o ring seals.. sold in pairs– in our online catalog under (Stromberg 97 parts) Part #- S-9533-ADJ. $39.95 for a pair.NOTE—THIS PART HAS A PATENT PENDING.

New Holley 94 adjustable main jets with stainless steel needle, lock nut and brass body. Simply screw in the place of your jet well plugs and turn clockwise to lean and counter-clockwise to richen. Mixture changes can be made without taking top off carb and while the engine is running. Our new design lets the adjustable jets to set close to the carb so ours will work on multiple carbs even if the carbs are touching each other. Lean your engine for altitude changes, get exhaust temps balanced or just give your rod the best tune up she’s ever had. Jets come with teflon sealing washer and viton o ring seals.We also include a set of large jets (.059) and a set of extra oring seals if ever needed.  Sold in pairs— $39.95 pair in the online catalog under Holley 94-2100 parts Part #- H-jets-adj.


Holley 94-2100 Adjustable main jets


 Check out our new accelerator pump levers for the Stromberg 97-48-81 carbs. Made of 1018 steel and available either zinc or chrome plated. This is an exact replacement of the original part only our part is not cast but made on a swiss screw machine so the quality is much better. We have found that the stainless part made by others will break if you try to bend to adjust because the metal is just too brittle. Order our  Part # S-9558  in our Stromberg parts catalog.

Note: We are proud to say that with this item we now make or supply every replacement part for the Stromberg 97-48 and 81 carbs plus many other accessory pieces never made by anyone .

 Stromberg hose barb needle seat combination fittings for your 97’s-48’s and 81’s. The perfect clean look, these fitting are an exact replacement for the stock fuel inlet assembly.  Precision made on a modern Swiss screw machine. Availble in 5/6″ or 3/8″ hose barb. Order from our catalog below (under stromberg parts)   Part # S-9564-5/16″ or S-9564-3/8″.  Note–available chrome plated also.

New Item–  Higher pressure alcohol proof Stromberg 97-81-48 needle and seat assembly. Super precision machined fitting and solid steel needle make alcohol and fuel additive problems a thing of the past. The .098 orfice and steel needle apply more float pressure to a smaller area, so this fitting will hold more pressure than either a stock fitting or the ball (gross jet) style of inlet.

Not since the 50,s has anyone made a steel needle type fuel inlet for the stromberg. Why did they stop making them? Well, back then they had no way to filter the fuel and set the fuel pressure. At best your engine had an old sediment bowl with a screen, and the pressure was whatever the fuel pump put out. Flooding was common due to trash getting under the steel needle and pressure surges made things worse. The rubber tip on the needle (first Buna N and later Viton) let small pieces of trash embed in the tip and still let it seal. Well all was well and good until the gov. mandates for ethanol to be added to fuel. Now viton will no longer remain stable under some of these additives in most states. Alcohol additives tend to swell most natural and synthetic rubber compounds. If the tip swells up it will stick in the seat and shut off the fuel to the carb. Today we have clean and filtered gas and ways to regulate pressure so a steel needle works fine.The teflon sealing washers allow you to space the fitting for proper float contact. Order Part # S-9564 HP under the stromberg parts in our catalog.

Oversize Stromberg 97 needle and seat assembly. Now you will be able to use those old 97-48 and 81 bodies with stripped or weak threads. Our new needle and seat with oversize threads will let you make them like new again. Std. 97-48-81 stromberg has a 7/16-24 inlet thread. Our oversize fitting has a 1/2″-20 thread–1/16″ larger–that is 1/32″ on each side. Easy to install–Drill out the inlet 29/64″ and tap 1/2″-20. Screw in the new inlet with our special teflon sealing washer and your done. Order S-9564-OS from the Stromberg parts section of our catalog– $12.95 each. Note–I will soon have this availble in brass also. You can also ship us your stripped carb bodies and we can install SS helicoils to put them back to stock size.


Vintage Speeds new Stromberg 97 and Holley 94 Banjo fuel fittings

Above photo shows the 3/8″ banjos on 97 strombergs using stock fuel inlets. Also available for 5/16″ fuel hose.

Above photo shows our new Short 97 banjo needle and seat  ( Part # S-9564-banjo N/S) This will move your banjo fitting over 1/4″ closer to the carb. New fitting comes with needle and teflon washer and matches the banjo for that perfect look and function.

Above photo shows how much you bring the banjo closer to your carb by using our new needle seat. NOTE –this is only to be used with our banjo fittings. Order Part # S-9564-Banjo N/S  in the Stromberg parts section of our catalog.

Look at the quaility of our fittings at half the price of any banjo on the market. Available for  5/16″and 3/8″Hose.

Two photos below shows banjos on the Holley 94 carbs. The 94 Holley carbs require the use of our banjo spacer to move the fuel line out so it clears the side of the carb. Order our pt#.          You will need one spacer for each banjo fitting. Fuel line is held tight to carb sides for maximum clearance for linkage.

Below see banjos installed on a 6×2 Rochester fuel system. It uses one single and five double fittings.

Photo below shows the banjo with the 94 spacer fitting. By spacing out rhe banjo, your fuel line will lay close along the side of the carb body as shown above

We can also supply you with a banjo either single or double drilled and tapped 1/8″ npt to accept a fuel pressure gauge as shown below. A great way to install your pressure gauge. How cool is that? When ordering tell us in the special instructions box on the order form you want it drilled. Adds $5.00 to fitting cost. I sell both liquid filled and mechanical gauges in the fuel line section of our catalog.

New banjo fittings from Vintage Speed for your 97 or 94 carbs. They are precision made from 6061 T-6 alum. alloy on a Swiss screw machine with a 32 micron polished finish. Our goal was to make the finest banjo at a price our customers could afford. These fittings work on all 2×2, 3×2, 4×2 and 6×2 intakes using 94 holley or stromberg 97 carbs. They can also be used on the side inlet rochester 2g carbs or any others with a 1/2″-20  female inlet thread.  Banjo fittings swivel 360 degrees and let your lines set close to the carbs. The flange on the bolt slip fits into the banjo body keeping the fitting centered on the bolt. Large undercut on bolt and big hole will give excellant fuel flow. Teflon washers on both sides of the fitting seals the banjo. Available now for 5/16″ and  3/8″ id hose. The fittings come in singles and doubles. You need one single and one double for a 2×2-one single and two doubles for a 3×2 etc. The thread is 1/2″-20 on the banjo nut. It screws into the stock 97 fuel inlet (needle and seat) and right into the carb on the 94s. We have a spacer available to move the banjo out to clear the carb body on the Holley 94s. Order pt# H-6-94 spacer in the 94 parts section of the catalog. I am also making a short 97 needle and seat that will put the fuel line even closer in on the 97s if needed. Order from our online catalog (click red button at bottom of this page) under stromberg 97 parts. Single banjo– part # S-9564-1-3/8″    $15.95 each Double banjo–part # S-9564-2-3/8″     $18.95 each Single banjo–part# S-9564-1-5/16″    $15.95 each  Double banjo–part # S-9564-2-5/16″     $18.95 each    94 spacer-  Part #FL-FF-8-94-spacer            $7.95   each  Coming soon-New banjo bolt -needle and seat combos that work with all our banjo fittings. These replace the stock needle seat in the strombergs with the banjo bolt so the fitting is up tight against the carb, I will also have banjo bolts with the thread size to fit the late holley 4 barrels and the carter afb carbs.


Look–New dual for Dodge 241″-270″ Hemi  

 Look at our new dual rochester 2g setup for the small Dodge 241″-270″ hemi. Comes with intake, 2g pri. carb, 2g sec. carb, SS fuel line and dual progressive linkage. Setup also comes with bonnet style air cleaners (either plain or louvered). This makes a really great street setup for your small hemi. Price is $990.  plus  $75. ea  ($150.). for the carb cores if you don’t have cores.. You can upgrade the finish on the carbs to any of our powder coated finishes for $80. or we can also do a full chrome setup (call for price).  Total CFM for system is 550. This intake can also be drilled to be setup with 97 or 94 carbs.

LOOK–New dual carb intakes for the ’49-’63 Caddy V-8’s

We now offer a new Dual intake for the early Cadilac engines.  $ 349.00– I can do these in the 3 bolt carb also.

 New SB Chevy 6×2 Setup built for George Tebbetts. Setup uses our new carbs with everything full blown show chrome.

Look at this Chrome Stromberg “97” 6×2 setup we built for Mac McCullough. “We build American dreams using American made parts.

Look  New Carbs

New  9super7 Hot rod carb. All new reproduction of the most famous carb of all times, the stromberg 97. A much improved version of the originals. It includes a new designed plastic float, grose -jet ball type needle and seat, and all stainless screws and hardware, I am offering these carbs in the stock finish(shown) silver or gold plated and of course chrome. We also will set up your multi-carb systems with our new sec. alum bases, linkage, fuel lines and air cleaners. Complete new primary carb as shown on left $299, and $340. for the secondary carb. Show chrome carbs are $499.  In stock and ready to ship.  Call us till we get these cataloged. (This carb is not the stromberg carb from England)

New finish offered on our carbs. With the new nostalia craze in full swing we have been swamped with customers wanting a durable natural finish on their carbs. We now offer you another choice. After cleaning and beading, carbs are washed in our new vibratory de-burring machine. Hi frequency vibration with ceramic stones and special de-burr soap solution gives the zinc a grey granite like finish. Carb is then rinsed and Chromated in clear chromate. Not a paint, this is an acid dip that protects the finish and forms a hard shell on the carb to protect the zinc. The carb as you can see is a pewter gray with a granite like texture that looks dynomite. This is now one of our stock finishes for those of you who like the natural color of zinc with the durability to stay looking good. We still offer our stock chromate (light tan) finish as well as any of our powder coated finishes  and show chrome. The last three are optional finishes.

Look New Airboat Item New finned alum vave covers for the Lycoming Aircraft Engine used in Airboats. Fits the 4 and 6 cyl angle valve lycoming motors (not up stack).

Help reduce oil temp in airboat applications due to the high fins and the high heat transfer of cast alum to the airstream. Rigid design of cover seals oil much better than stock steel stamped covers. The tri angle rocker shaft stop is cast into the inside of part. Cover comes with stainless socket head mounting hardware. I also have the the orange silicone gaskets available $9.95 ea. More Lycoming and continental valve covers coming soon. NOTE–NOT FOR USE IN AIRCRAFT Part # DU- lyc/a– $55.00 ea. Sanded fins—–# DU-lyc/a/p — $65. ea. Show polished Fins as shown.   you need 4 for a 4 cyl—-6 for a 6 cyl

New silicon gaskets for valve covers- the best made -$9.95 each

Here is what one of  my customers had  to say about our covers installed on a 200 lycoming 4 cyl. Charlie- I just wanted to give you an update on my new valve covers. I put them on with new silicone gaskets and had absolutely no leaks. It has lowered my oil temp 8-9 degrees. I really notice it when I’m froggin’ and working the engine really hard but not going fast. They are really great! Regards    Greg To order go to the red online catalog button below and go to (Dress up parts)

New Desoto Hemi Valley Cover From VINTAGE SPEED(R) Our new cover from vintage speed for the Desoto hemi engines. Now a valley cover with the exact shape and fit of the original part. We took extra time with this pattern to assure you a perfect part. Holes are drill fixtured from an original part for a part that fits. Satin cast finish with highlight polished fins, and our logo. Order this from our online catalog under (Valley covers) Pt # VC-22       $79.95  Other valley covers we offer—Dodge Hemi——Desoto Hemi—– Chrysler Hemi—— Olds—–Caddy—-Buick Nailhead— Y Block Ford and Studebaker.   Look in our catalog under valley covers.       ————————–

Vintage Speed (R) Dual carb to 4 barrel manifold adapter.  $ 99.00 Our adapter allows you to mount any Stromberg “97” or Holley “94” three bolt carb to the small 4v (WCFB) —Carter AFB—or the Holley 4 barrel carb. I designed this adapter with the carbs spread apart enough to be able to use the Holley 94 style carbs. It also will let you bolt it to any 4 barrel intake except the spreadbore(quadrajet)and this can be done using a plate we offer. You can order with only the bolt pattern you need (makes for a cleaner look) or with all three intake patterns. Picture below show adapter with only the AFB Carter pattern drilled.  None of the other adapters would let you do this.  Change your four barrel car to a real Hot Rod with dual carbs. (I have the carbs too if you need a set.)  We have these in stock and ready to ship. Price is $99.00 ea. for the adapter only. Call me to order or use our online catalog under  FUEL LINES-FUEL BLOCKS-CARB ADAPTERS. Part # FL-CA-6

Picture shows setup with carbs ready to bolt on your 4 barrel intake. We can build you a complete setup starting at $790. ready to run. (unit above shows optional polished adapter and gold carbs-$100 more.) 

Look– Another New dual carb adapter from Vintage Speed This 3D drawing of our new dual 4 bolt carb to holley or carter AFB (Edelbrock) four barrel adapter. You will now be able to mount two rochester 2g small base carbs (up to about 600 cfm total), Stromberg WW’s or Carters on any 4 barrel intake. Balanced air flow from both carbs on my large computer designed chambers. Run two rochesters on progressive linkage and pull some serious power from this baby. We can also drill this to mount the large bore Holley 2110  3 bolt carbs (not 94’s) and the Bug spray holley carbs. These use the larger throttle bores and match the ports on this adapter. We call these our one hour hot rod because you can have duals on your car in short order.                            I am also able to build these setups ready to run–see below. $99.00–adapter only–Our Part # CA-6-4-bt—Order yours now. Go to online catalog under carb adapters. If you want it show polished add $30. (patent pending)

Complete ready to bolt on setup available now $790. as shown. Includes –Adapter, Roch carbs(one pri. carb with manual choke)and (one sec. carb). Both carbs in our new marble finish. Stainless progressive linkage and stainless fuel lines. Fuel line is reversible and can be run forward to the stock fuel pump or to the firewall. Air cleaner chrome bonnets or red throat scoops as shown. This setup will bolt to any 4 barrel intake with the holly pattern or we can drill for the Carter afb (Edel) pattern. Progressive linkage lets you run on one carb and bring in the second at about 65% throttle. Has the std GM linkage with provision for kick down or throttle valve cable on the drivers side. Unit comes with  socket head screws to mount to intake. Perfect for small block chev. engines. Change out your 4 barrel and be back on the road in about an hour.  All the cool with none of the hassel.  In stock ready to ship now. Call us and order yours now.


Complete ready to bolt on setup available now $790. as shown. Includes –Adapter, Roch carbs(one pri. carb with manual choke)and (one sec. carb). Both carbs in our new marble finish. Price is plus a $150. core charge for the two carbs unless you send us two small base Rochester cores. Stainless progressive linkage and stainless fuel lines. Fuel line is reversible and can be run forward to the stock fuel pump or to the firewall. Air cleaner chrome bonnets or red throat scoops as shown. This setup will bolt to any 4 barrel intake with the holly pattern or we can drill for the Carter afb (Edel) pattern. Progressive linkage lets you run on one carb and bring in the second at about 65% throttle. Has the std GM linkage with provision for kick down or throttle valve cable on the drivers side. Unit comes with  socket head screws to mount to intake. Perfect for small block chev. engines. Change out your 4 barrel and be back on the road in about an hour.  All the cool with none of the hassel.  In stock ready to ship now. Call us and order yours now.

Put some COOL in your hot rod.

Up to about 600 cfm from this fuel setup. Now you can put dual carbs on a four barrel intake using the rochester carbs.

Here is our adapter with the block style fuel line with a pressure gauge installed inline ($60. option)

Available Now–    Our new 3 carb adapter. $159.00        Tri-power in an hour tm Now you can put multiple carbs on those engines with no intakes available. This will give you the cfm you need for small and big block Chevs, 500 Caddy, 455 Buick, big block fords, and other great hot rod motors that want the look and economy of a tri power.  Our test show performance of this setup is equal to or better than use of a factory or aftermarket 3×2 intake due to the improved runner design of modern 4V intakes .This is also a great setup for you guys that want the look without all the work involved with an intake change out. We offer this as a complete ready to run system, with fuel lines, Roch carbs, linkage and air cleaners for $990.00 (plus $225. core charge  if you don’t have carb cores) Plate can be bolted to intakes with the carter AFB (edelbrock),and Holley. Also covers the spread bore (Q-jet) pattern. When you order let me know which bolt pattern you want and if the carb pads need to be 3 or 4 bolt.  Comes with intake mounting hardware.                                                                                                                                                                   Order one from our online catalog (part # fl-ca-3×2-4bt)-$ 159.00 adapt only. Look under fuel lines and carb adapters. Also available with the carb pads drilled 3 bolt for the stromberg 97, Holley 94’s and ECGs.                  (order part #fl-ca3x2-3bt) —same price.              (NOTE: this part has a patent pending)


This is one cool part. Features computer designed chambers for balanced equal flow. Cast alum and precison machined. We can drill to fit the Holley or Carter AFB  4 barrel pattern. It will also bolt on the spread bore Q-jet intakes and cover the ports. (part picture shows the Holley pattern) Will fit nearly all intakes, both factory and aftermarket. Now you can put three twos on all the hot rod motors both vintage and new. Low profile –only about 2″ high and 13 1/2″ long by 4″ wide at the carb pads. Can be used with the small base roch 2g or the 3 bolt holleys ecgs.  5 1/2″ center to center carb spacing so all our progressive linkage and fuel line kits fit perfectly.This plate can also be trimmed and welded to your 4 barrel alum intake-for a one piece look . Order yours today–In stock. $159.00

Complete Fuel setup– $1140.00  (plus $225. core charge if you don’t have 3 roch. carb cores) Ready to bolt on and run.           Part # FS-3×2 to 4V-Roch. Setup comes with adapter,two secondary carbs and primary carb  in our new marble finish, with manual choke–our best stainless progressive linkage—your choice of a polished stainless steel block style fuel line or the high welded fuel line (look at the fuel lines on the tri power setups at the top of this page to see the differant types)– You can have your choice of the red throat scoops with screens as shown or chrome bonnet style air cleaners. (NOTE) You can upgrade to differant carb finishes-aircleaners, polished or chrome adapter plate or add an elec. choke. 

This is our new 3 carb adapter plate to put 3 roch 2g, carter, or stromberg WW  carbs on your 4 v intake.  Now you will be able to run 3 carbs on any std 4 barrel intake. This will be great for you guys that can’t find an intake to fit your engine or those that want the look without the hassle of an intake swap. You will also be able to change back and forth between a 4v and trips in just a few minutes. Up to 900 cfm with this bad boy.  Any cool ideas? let me know. If you can dream it I can build it. NOTE——   ( This part has a patent pending)  

New finned Triangle air cleaners from Vintage Speed. Order part # AC-34   from our online catalog   –$79.00 ea.

Another custom air cleaner from Vintage Speed. Part # AC-34 –$89.00
This custom air cleaner from vintage speed is one of the most beautiful units we have ever built. The deep curved fins and shape draws clean air from the sides and rear for maximum performance. Polished cast alum top and base section with a fram element for good air flow. Available with the 2 5/8″ base for the strombergs, holley 94’s or the small base roch 2g’s. We also have a 2 5/16″ base for the 6 cyl carbs.

New Vintage Speed (R) Y Adapters We now offer a dual to single carb adapter known in the 50’s as a Y adapter. Bolt this bad boy on your stock  3 bolt intake and mount a couple of 97 Strombergs or 94 holley carbs in about an hour. These units were the craze of the early  50’s as they were made by Weiand-Eelco-Speed Gems-Almquist- JC whitney–Western Dual–and others. Patterned from an original part made by Almquist, Vintage Speed now offers you this RARE part as a reproduction. Computer designed core inside part for maximum flow.  These setups run perfect on progressive linkage allowing for excellant fuel economy. Bolts to any intake using the 3 bolt pattern or you can use 2 on a super dual intake for a wild fuel setup. You can also use this on the small 4 bolt flange (rochester) by drillling and taping one hole in your intake or we make spacer adapters to mount this on just about any intake. This would also make a wild nostalia motorcycle intake.  Price is   $99.00 ea. Also available is a 2×2 progressive linkage (Cl-2×2-p) and a 2×2 straight linkage (Cl-2b) -both are polished stainless with carb arms and springs for your bases. See the carb linkage section of our catalog.  Dealers welcome. You can order this adapter from our online catalog  in the (Fuel lines-blocks and Carb Adapter) catagory——- Part # FL-CA-4     I can also supply you with a linkage kit for this setup, or a complete setup with carbs–progressive linkage –fuel lines and air cleaners starting at  $790.00.

A 1949 speed catalog shows the Y adapter made by Western Dual. “NO” I don’t believe it will lengthen your engine life–or reduce driving fatigue and “NO” I can’t sell it to you for $9.95—sorry.

Our new  Stromberg 97- holley 94 (3 bolt) to single barrel intake adapter (PT# FL_CA-2) This new Y adapter lets you bolt dual ford flathead carbs on your stock 6 cyl. intake for added performance and a cool look. In stock and ready to ship–this adapter can be mounted front to rear or sideways———-A quality cast alum part from Vintage Speed. This is a copy of an original part made by Almquist in the 50’s.——in stock and ready to ship-     Our pt# FL-CA-2—–$ 99.00  We  also offer this as a complete setup with carbs–fuel lines, linkage and air cleaners starting @   $790.

Another new Y adapter from Vintage Speed –dual 4 bolt rochester 2g carbs to a single 2 barrel intake. Order PT#  FL-CA-3-4  for the 4 bolt top or PT#  FL-CA-3-3  for the 3 bolt top.-$99.00 ea. This lets you put dual 4 bolt carbs on your car that has a single 2 barrel  4 bolt intake –bolt pattern is  3 1/4″x 1 7/8″( like the Roch 2 g’s–stromberg ww’s and all the early carter 2 barrels.  We also offer this adapter with the top dual holes drilled for the 3 bolt  Stromberg 97 or Holley 94’s. This is like the Eelco adapter made in the 50’s.  A quality cast alum part by Vintage Speed . In stock and ready to ship. Adapter only $99. Complete setup with carbs, fuel lines, linkage and air cleaners starting @ $790.00.

New Vintage Speed Classic Finned Air Cleaners -$ 49.95ea.

Classic nostalia look with the quality you expect.

Want a real cool look for your duals, trips or log intake? Try a set of our new air cleaners designed by Vintage Speed. The 2″x 4″ Fram element hides behind a plated wire screen for that ’50,s look. Top and sides of base are show polished cast alum. Fits all the 2 barrels with 2 5/8″ base (soon we will have 2 5/16″ also] Note that base has the provision to use the center 1/4″-20 in the carb or can be attached with the set screw. You can also use a dice, skull or wing nut on the top instead of the chrome accorn nut. Our test show this unit has almost no air restriction. The installed height of this unit is 2 3/4″. To order this part, go to the online catalog under (Air Cleaners) and it is part # AC-6-2 5/8. Price is $49.95 ea. I also offer this part with  tri-bar spinner nut.

LOOK-  New from Vintage Speed EDMUNDS CUSTOM (R)– Carb cover

This cover will also be available in a 16″ tri power version soon.

Also available is the 50’s style Stelling &Hellings finned cover. Pt# AC- 30-F

Look how neat and compact this cover fits your carbs–our narrow design looks much better than those wide universal covers sold by others. They sell you just a top with no bases or air filters like these.

New Edmunds Custom and the finned bonnet is only 5 1/2″ wide and about 12″ long–Heavy cast alum (3 lbs.)with polished finish. Features- Both Units will fit all the dual regular flathead intakes with carb centers from 4 1/2″ to 4 7/8″– that includes Offy–Edel–Edmunds- Fenton -Thickstun – Weiand regular duals and others. Unit will come with 4″ Fram air cleaner elements and cast bases—it can be be bottom indexed for all popular dual carb centers–studs will be blind drilled and threaded from the bottom(no nuts up top) for your carb centers.- Bases are secured to carbs with socket head set screws.- polished cast alum finish is a perfect match for your period flathead.  New smaller and narrower size should make this a hit with you flathead guys.   Available now—-order yours –$139.00 -includes top–air cleaner elements–2 cast bases (2 5/8″) and studs, drilled for your carb centers– ready to install. Edmunds is Pt.#AC 30-E and The finned is Part # AC 30-F.

Note– Look at our new Vintage Speed 3×2 carb cover.                             Our new longer tri power version of the above finned cover cover is done and we are taking orders now. I patterned  this from the Helling & Stelling cover made in the late 50’s-early 60’s. Cover looks just like the dual shown above except it is 16″ long and 5 1/2″ wide, and fits all 3×2 intakes with carb centers up to 5 3/4″. It is .- $159.00 and-Comes with (3)bases, (3) 4″x 2″ Fram filter elements and the cover-polished and drilled for your intake. It is narrow- 5 1/2″ wide and looks dynomite. This cover is a perfect match for your finned valve covers. This is a   very popular part.  Order part # AC-31F from our air cleaner catagory in the online catalog. -A LONGER VERSION OF THIS COVER FOR THE 348″ CHEVYS AND PONTIACS WITH THE 6″ CENTER TO CENTER SPACING. IS NOW AVAILABLE ALSO. PART # AC 31-348   in our catalog.

Above photo is from a early 60’s Stelling & Hellings catalog. You can see that it is more of a universal cover and is wider to be used with 4 barrel carbs too.  Our cover is made just for the 2 barrels (or single barrels) and is much narrower. Our top blind drilled top let the bases attach without seeing nuts above. Our cover comes with the bases, Fram elements, and is drilled for yor carb centers–studs are installed also. Just set down over your carbs and tighten the 3 set screws and your done. Call and order yours now.

Hot Rod Dash from Vintage Speed (R) Polished fins and sides with satin cast between fins. This is the finest looking hot rod dash ever made by anyone. Five hole-it accepts the std 2 1/16″–2 1/8″ gauges and the 3 3/8″ tach or speedometer.  This panel is back drilled and tapped for attachment to your 32 Ford or any hot rod or boat with a flat panel. High fins give that nolstalia 50’s look . Order this item from our online catalog under the dress up catagory.    Part #   DU-dash(5)-VS     $ 99.00

New 6 hole hot rod dash panel from Vintage Speed. Same as panel above except a 6 hole version—–in stock and ready to ship. $119.00

Coming next— 8 hole dash and matching 2″and 4″colum drop and radio insert panel. NOTE–Speedway Motors now carries a lot of our products including our dashes, bases and other items..


Small block Chevy-Reproduction valve covers from VINTAGE SPEED A heavy cast alum. cover like the Cal Custom made in the early 60’s. No cheap pot metal or thin die cast alum. here. This is the most popular hot rod valve cover ever made. Fins go all the way down the sides and are highlight polished. True Nostalia for your 50’s-60’s style rod. Bolt pattern is straight across from each other so it fits all the chevy sb’s 1958  up till they went to center bolt. Smooth satin beaded finish with high polished fins. Heavy casting with extra thick precision machined  flanges assure a quiet leakfree cover. No breather hole but I have a bolt on side breather available . I have these in stock and ready to ship. $169. a pair as shown–We also offer these show polished for $225.00. NOTE—These covers will not work with high style roller rockers. We will soon have riser spacers so that you can use with the higher rockers.  I have conversion spacers now to run these on  the late heads with center studs. I also have extra thick neoprene with stainless  center shim gaskets for these that will give you extra clearance. These will raise your cover 3/8″are reusable–$15. a pair.

New finned alum side covers for the Ply-Dodge big Six.

Since our success with the small six side covers we make we now offer our big six covers. These fit the large plymouth, dodge, desoto, chrysler big six engine blocks. It should fit all the large block flathead engines if my info is correct but check the size to be sure. Cover is 12 1/4″ long by 4 1/4″ wide and the bolt holes are 4 5/16″center to center. A real nice part to dress up your engine. $79. a pair. Cast alum with highlight polished fins. COMING SOON–side covers for the Ford 6, Chevy 6 and Studebaker 6’s.

Studebaker Valley cover for the 259″–289″ V-8’s available now $79.95.

Our new Studebaker valley cover. We attach this cover using only the end two bolts which works great. You can drill the center hole if you wish. Fits all the Stude V-8’s. Cast alum with highlight polished fins and our logo.


You love the air cleaner pictured below, but need a real filter?—Now you can have the best of both worlds, Traditional style with a modern air cleaner element inside. Available now in both a low profile short version, and a tall version.

Now another Edmunds Custom air cleaner from Vintage Speed . Traditional styling now available in several heights. The low filter as shown above  is 4-3/4″ diameter and 2-3/4″ tall (installed height) with a  2″x 4″ fram element hidden  inside and has the original style screen and mesh on the outside–$69.00.  The high filter is 4 3/4″ in diameter and 4-3/4″tall (installed height). This version has twice the air flow and the tall look for you guys without hoods or lots of clearance. It uses 2 of the fram 2″x 4″ stacked elements with the same style screens on the outside. The bottom two pictures show the tall EDMUNDS   –$79.00.  Made from an original 1950’s pattern that we own. Available in 2 5/16″–2 5/8″ and soon 3 1/8″ neck openings to fit all the single and two barrel carbs. Set screw on base to fasten to carb but also has provision for center screw for use on rochester or other carbs that use the 1/4″-20 center stud. Also notice that we bore the base casting to assure you a perfect fit on the top of your carb. Dealers programs welcome on these and all the Eddie Edmunds products we are making.   See in our online catalog under air cleaners. part#AC 26

NOTE———– –all of our Edmunds air cleaners are available with K&N style washable elements at an extra charge.

NOTE–EDMUNDS and EDMUNDS CUSTOM are trademarks of Charlie Price-Vintage Speed.——       fed. reg #3,113,442 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Look at our new EDMUNDS  choke cable brackets for the Holley “94” carbs. Our reproduction of this very rare part made by Eddie Edmunds in the 50’s mounts your choke cable to the carb. Patterned from original parts with the Edmunds logo. Polished cast alum with the EDMUNDS  logo. This and the Stromberg “97” choke bracket are among some of the rarest of Edmunds parts.  –I will also have the “97” bracket soon. This bolts to the rear  body to base bolts on the 94 and mounts your choke cable in the correct location.——In stock and ready to ship.  Part # H-24-Edmunds   In our online catalog under 94 parts.  Comes with set screw for cable and mounting hardware.  Add some class to your carbs.

LOOK! EDMUNDS inline fuel filters are ready now. Order pt# FL-08 -in our online cat under Fuel lines-Block-Carb adapters     $ 59.95


Above shows the fuel filter–Edmunds made two styles and we make both but I think the one above looks the neatest.

Coming soon—Edmunds(R) fuel pressure regulators– Just like the ones he made in the 50’s.

I bet most Hot Rodders are not aware that Edmunds made a fuel regulator and filter in the mid ’50s. The above photos are that of an original Eddie Edmunds part.  The center picture is from a dealers brochure dated 1954. The regulator sold for $5.95 in ’54 (sorry, but   it will be a bit more now.)Vintage Speed now has the pattern for this rare piece and we will be reproducing it very soon. It is 3″ in diameter and looks like a flying saucer. The regulator is fully adjustable and is the spring-rubber diaphram type and will be a dynomite accessory for your flathead or other vintage fuel system.  We are making all the internal parts new now and I will have you the price soon. Ready now –our new Edmunds fuel filter. Our new Edmunds fuel filter uses the same housing as our regulator but has a very fine mesh stainless steel washable screen inside. This is the trick unit for your vintage fuel setup. Tapped 1/8″ pipe thread on the top and bottom so it can be mounted facing up or on the side.  Unit is   o-ring sealed and easily cleaned. Show polished with the our Edmunds logo. Order yours today—  (part # FL-08) -$59.95

Coming Soon—-Edmunds water heated carb risers–Just like the ones he made in the late 30’s

Eddie Edmunds —–Edmunds Custom

Date of birth 18 feb. 1916 —- Date of death Sept 1969—- Social Security # 554-14-8185

Eddie Edmunds made more performance equipment for more makes of cars than Weiand-Edelbrock-Offy-and Fenton combined. Eddie was a true Automotive enginneer supreme.   Eddie was a native of Portland Oregon before moving to L.A. in search of a foundry to cast his alum parts. A lot of the early speed part dealers started in Portland area. Bud Meyers -Eddie Meyers son, told me a  that Edmunds came to there shop in the early days and told them they should start casting the Meyers heads and intakes and you know  the rest of that legend. Edmunds was the only performance parts maker approved by GM to be dealer installed on there cars.  Each and every part Edmunds sold came show polished or so the catalogs say.  The Edmunds logo can be found in many variations-Edmunds–Edmunds custom– (Custom was sometimes spelled Kustom) Edmunds Racing–and Eddie Edmunds to name a few. Since his name was hand carved into the wood patterns by many differant pattern makers scattered all over the USA, finding any two alike is hard. I have never seen an Edmunds part without the hand carved script. Even the early block letters looked hand carved. We will be reproducing some of the more popular Edmunds intakes and other parts soon.  Edmunds Custom was in business from–about 1934 (maybe earlier) thru about 1959 or ’60 when it was sold to Fenton . Eddie was born the 18th of Feb. 1916 and died  Sept 1969 according to Roy Pagnini  who wrote a recent story on Edmunds.  Fenton dropped Edmunds from there line after a couple of years as the demand for inline six cyl. -carb setups and alum heads went away. Eddie loved dual intakes as a major part of his line consisted of dual intakes and finned alum heads. He did also make triples for a lot of the early V-8’s. Fenton made many of Edmunds products with the Fenton logo when they first bought the company. If you notice in our catalog we sell Y block Ford valve covers made by Edmunds and Fenton –same pattern differant logos, but both correct. These were made from original patterns. The early Fenton flathead intake was made in the Edmunds pattern with  Fenton  logo up front.  I was told by Els Lonns (of EELCO fame) that he also thought  Eddie died in 1969.  I do know that we find no other info or mention of Eddie after 1959 and that Almquist and JC whitney catalogs were selling off all remaining discontinued Edmunds heads and intakes in 1960.  Els Lonns (of EELCO) once told me that Eddie liked the Booze and women–(sounds like an alright guy to me). I also heard that his death was alcohol related. I’m not sure if that meant that he had liver disease or got hit by a beer truck.  Eddie  made  parts before the war as some of his early intakes were down right crude looking. One of our  new shirts will sport the neat Edmunds logo below, showing the NASH engine he produced in the early 50’s. Did you know he made finned alum exhaust manifold covers for the Caddy and Olds engines??—Anybody ever seen an original??

One of his very early parts was a water heated carb adapter that fit between the intake and the carb. These show up only on the crude pre war intakes. We will be reproducing this part soon. I have a 1952 catalog that states he was in business for over 25 years. That would mean as early as the mid 20,s he could have been involved in the auto profession, must have started at 10 years old..   The pictures I have of Eddie in the early 50’s, he looks about 40 or 45 years old.  1916 to 1969 would have made him 53, still a young man. If he did die that young ,he sure made a ton of stuff in the few years he had. I have a personal collection of Edmunds parts—I buy all Edmunds intakes –heads–valve covers, paperwork, catalogs or other interesting stuff. Collecting Edmunds Speed parts is a real task as you never seem to find them all. Cash to you or trade for any of our items. Email me—thanks. I know Edmunds built a new building at   2042 Stoner ave in  `west L.A. -Ca. in 1952–Do any of you L.A. guys know if it is still there? Note—I would like to hear from anyone collecting edmunds parts or If you have any info on the company.

Edmund’s Custom is a registered trademark of Charlie Price-Vintage Speed-    U.S. reg.#3,113,442

Special thanks to Roy Pagnini for his work on the edmunds story.
We also make the Edmunds Round air cleaners in a short and tall style as well as the larger Edmunds oval. Look in our online catalog under the air cleaner section.

Your New Stromberg “97”—“81” parts source since 1998    Note—-All the “97” —“81”    new parts are now available on our online catalog and ready to ship. click the red button below and choose 97 parts from the catagory box.


New Vintage Speed   97 and 81tm  carb tops ——-100% made in the USA Yes–a brand new high pressure zinc die cast top for the stromberg 97-81 and will work on the 48’s also using our 48 style choke lever. This is a cosmetic reproduction of the original down to the smallest detail but we have made the internal ribbing stronger to prevent the warping that is common in the original tops. Our tops are much stronger than originals due to modern high pressure die casting technology used today which makes a part free of voids and imperfections. Carbs are zinc alloy and accept all chromate and plating finishes. Top is made in the good old USA using the latest die cast equipment. This top will be availabe for sale soon.  Top has our   ( Vintage Speed )    logo cast onthe inside of the top.

New Stromberg “81” accelerator pumps for the 81 carbs. Yes –we make the new smaller pump now. Look at online catalog under 97-81 parts. We have complete kits for the “81” carbs.

 Stromberg  “81”   Throttle plates in primary and secondary versions–new pump springs and our new custom made 81 retainer for the pump spring. We also make the new choke-fast idle lever for the 81’s.

Stromberg 81  Alum. throttle bodies in Primary and secondary versions. Above shows a secondary base.   (patent pending) Note the adjustable pump drive balls. By screwing the balls in or out you change the throw on your pump rod. They come with a thin 8-32 lock nut to lock her down when you get adjusted. (patent pending


This is our new Vintage Speed 97  Alum. secondary throttle body.  (patent pending) It comes with our new sealed wide throttle plates and our special adjustible pump drive balls that can be moved in to shorten pump stroke or moved out to lenghten pump stroke. You can use one or both of the pump drive balls. Each and every part of this base is built new by Vintage Speed in the USA. This base has no idle circuits and is designed to be used on the outside carbs on a 3×2 setup, the outside 4 carbs on a 6×2 or the rear carb on a dual running progressive linkage or in any position that you dont wish to have idle. Our base will replace the stock 97 or 48 base.

The Vintage Speed (R) Alum throttle body also comes with our torsion spring arm and spring that keeps the plates closed and eliminates having to add springs to close your throttle. All CNC machining for close tolerance and one half  the weight of a stock base. Pictures above show sec. (end) bases and below shows primary base.


Vintage Speed  97   Aluminum Throttle Bodies (patent pending) are 100% made in America, our bases are patterned like originals down to the smallest detail.  Every part in picture above is made new by Vintage Speed and interchange with stock  Stromberg 97or 48 carbs.   Replacement for the 48-97 carbs in (primary) and (secondary tri power end carb) versions. We are the company that have offered you new  97 parts for years.  We are the largest supplier in the world for 97-48-81 Stromberg parts since 1998. These new bases are CNC machined and use all our new shafts, bushings, throttle plates and quality choke hardware that we have always offered . If your old bases are pitted or worn out , update your carbs now.  These bases are half the weight of the originals and have improved idle and transfer (off idle) passages.  Available in cast alum, original satin black or show polished finishes. These can also be painted or powder coated to match engine or car colors. Our bases make great throttle bodies for electronic fuel injection.  Call us now to place your order. Our bases are  ready to ship and we are taking orders now. (1) New alum 97 secondary throttle body complete with shaft and  special throttle plates that seal air tight, Polished EELCO card arm and torsion return spring. No idle circuits. (these are used on your outside carbs on a tri power or 6×2 setup)———–$ 119.00 ea.

(2) New alum 97 primary throttle body as shown above. This base has all the idle circuits and the new choke and fast idle lever. This base has an extended shaft for your linkage. It is used on the center carb on a tri power or both carbs on a dual setup (unless your running progressive linkage) then you would use one pri. and one sec. base. It would also be used on the center two carbs on a 6×2 setup running progressive linkage.  This primary base is also available with a torsion return spring. – $ 119.00 ea.             Coming Soon————–Vintage speed’s    line of clothing ,shirts and hats.

Vintage Speed’s  97custom carb tops. Polished cast alum with 4″ or 6″ chrome stacks.This is our reproduction of the famous Scott 97 top made in the 60’s. We have made this top new since ’98- a favorite with the nostalia race guys.

Holley 94 aluminum Bases (patent pending)in primary and secondary versions. Cost of new primary base ready to bolt on- $119. ea. Primary bases come with full idle circuits including new mixture screws and springs, ball pull and 3 hole pump drive. Base also comes with an extended throttle shaft to hook up your linkage.             Secondary Bases-  $ 119. ea. Include special 12 degree secondary throttle plates machined and lapped to the body. Base also has eelco style carb arm with a torsion return spring. No idle circuits in the sec. bases.           Order yours now.     Why Aluminum bases??  (1)Aluminum bases with brass throttle plates seal much better than the original iron bases–(2) All new parts mean no air leaks.–(3) We have improved the idle and off idle circuits to flow better.—(4) Half the weight of iron bases (5)–Modern CNC machine work assures a part with close tolerances. (6) Our improved idle circuits and transfer ports give you a smoother idle and better all round performance. (patent pending)

New from Vintage Speed–GTO pontiac Alum. Bases We now have new alum. bases for the big base rochester tri power end- carbs. Bases come assembled with new shafts and precision lapped  brass throttle plates and are ready to install. NOTE–no stock cast iron base seals like these. Exact reproduction of the factory part except in aluminum.  Fits Pontiac from ’59 up thru ’66 and the ’66  442 Olds. Bases offered in black for stock applications, cast alum, polished alum, or painted finishes for hot rods. It will accept all stock GM parts as well as our new Shafts, springs and hardware and is one third the weight of an original. Modern CNC machines and heat treated alum alloys makes our base parts fit and seal far better than any of the original GM. The large bases are also be offered as a kit with linkage and overhaul kits for original tri power carbs and to retro fit stock gm primary carbs. We offer the reproduction tri power carb tops for this conversion. Base pairs come with the short pump drive on the front base and the long curved arm on the rear basei for all the Pontiacs. (note—on the 442 Olds the long arm is used on the front carb.—same part –just reversed.) Note-You want to nostalia race?? I now have a small block chev. tri power intake that takes the big base rochester carbs—Up to 1500CFM for use on a big cubic inch sb chevy. You better have a BAD MOUSE MOTOR to run this setup. Prices for the alum big base complete ready to install is   $ 119.00——-in stock now and ready to ship   (patent pending)



New Desoto 276″-291″ 4×2 intakes — Available  now.  Desoto Hemi 4×2 intake manifold –Our New custom Vintage Speed intake for the early Desoto Hemi engine–276″–291″ –1952 thru ’55. Like the Weiand and cragar made in the 50’s. Four two barrel Stromberg “97s” in a row. This is for the short deck early hemi engines. Cast alum like the originals this is a beautiful part.  Intake design allows you to run on progressive linkage (run on center two and bring in the outer two)  After years on the high cost patterns, we are finished with the new 4×2 intakes. Get your order in now. Call us now for this long awaited part. Each intake is CNC machined for a perfect fit and has a serial #. call us at 772 778 0809 in fl. Note- We can also machine this intake to fit the Dodge 315″-325″ motors. The early weiand design (like ours) was designed to fit both the short deck Desoto and the 315-325 dodge. We Also have this drilled for the 315-325″ Dodge engine. Call us for more info.

Desoto 276″-291″– $ 590.00. in satin cast finish. (intake only) Call us for a quote on a complete setup with carbs, linkage, fuel lines and air cleaners

Coming soon 3×2 alum intake for the 331-354-392 Chrysler Hemi. Our patterns are done for the new 331-392 chrysler hemi 3×2 intake. This will have the square flange up top and can be drilled for the stromberg 97 and holley 94 carbs as well as the rochester 4 bolt carbs.


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